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International Conference on Applied and Practical Sciences (ICAPPRSC-21)

17-18th October 2021

Organized By

International Institute for Technology Education and Research (IITER)

About the Conference

The World Research Forum (WRF) has pulled no stops in organising its forthcoming event - the International Conference on Applied and Practical Sciences (ICAPPRSC-21). This phenomenal two-day event (17-18th October 2021) will see some of the biggest names in the world of technology and engineering uniting together on the same platform for one goal - accelerating technological development through improved learning, research propagation, skill development and networking. Combining all these facets into one, (ICAPPRSC-21) is set to be a trailblazing event in the world of technology. With the who's who of the global tech industry set to partake, participants are in for a treat. Not only will they learn about what all these major tech players are upto in terms of their R&D projects and product development ventures, participants will also be able to rub shoulders with these tech elite, interact with them on a one-to-one basis and therefore look to forming professional partnerships and connections that will stand them in good stead anytime during the course of their careers. Participants will also get to share the findings of their own research projects in front of this prestigious group. As a result they will also obtain opportunities to have their groundbreaking work published in world-renowned tech journals and scientific publications which are read by millions globally.

Benefits of Virtual conference

Gaining the chance to make use of your time at home isolated in quarantine to advance your knowledge-base and equip yourself with the necessary skills needed to overtake your competitors and rivals.

Obtaining the opportunity to sit and learn at the feed of stalwarts from your profession and discipline who will inspire you to do better and strive for bigger and better objectives than you currently are.

Acquiring the chance to interact, connect, and form long-lasting professional partnerships with like-minded peers, top industry professionals, and veteran researchers. These partnerships will eventually give rise to numerous career opportunities and chances for growth.

Acquire an insiders perspective on many of the biggest research studies and experiments in your field, that are being carried out across the planet.

Obtain ideas and inspiration on new and more profound research topics to pursue if you are keen on undertaking a research project or study.

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Why Attend A Virtual Conference ?

  • All professionals, academics, students, scholars, researchers, and others, are aware of the fact that constant updating of one's knowledge, honing one's skills, acquiring new contacts, and establishing new professional partnerships, is imperative to the advancement of their careers, studies, and work, in general.
  • And, the best place to get all these things done is at a global conference, where highly reputed domain experts, field authorities, industry professionals, and like-minded people gather together on a common platform.
  • With the widespread nature of the COVID-19 virus combined with its lethality, people are all afraid to venture out of their homes as they want to avoid contracting the virus at all costs.
  • An Online conference is a great alternative for anyone looking to make good use of their time in lockdown. In such a situation, where fear of falling sick and contracting a dangerous virus, is making people confine themselves at home, it is impossible for conferences to take place.

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