Submission FAQ

Q. How do I submit my abstract?

To submit your abstract, follow the "Paper Submission link" or send your abstract to Kindly follow the outline and other details for successful submissions.

Q. If my abstract is not accepted, can I still attend the conference?

Yes, you can attend the conference as a listener and learn useful information related to the field.

Q. I am the Co-author of the paper, can I present the work?

You need permission from the main author to present the work.

Q. Is it necessary to include my biography in the abstract?

Yes, it's necessary to mention your biography of 100 to 150 words in the abstract.

Q. What is the price for extra pages, if any?

The prices vary according to the journals.

Q. What is the word limit of the abstract?

The word limit of each abstract is 500 words

Q. Can I join as an Advisory Board Member/Session Chair/Keynote Speaker?

You can complete the online application form, attach your CV and other details, and send it to the committee. Then, if you're found eligible enough, you can join the advisory team.

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