Journal Publication

At IITER, we dedicatedly work to boost the professional journey of researchers through journal publication. We have an expert panel of the advisory board that reviews the journals, guides the students, and helps in editing and submission. Moreover, we provide the highest level of support at every step of the publishing process to help authors accomplish their academic goals.

With our revisions, you can be assured of the finest possible work, enhancing your professional growth. Moreover, with round-the-clock support, you can get answers to any query. So, provide a hassle-free, high-quality journal with our stages of support which are:

Providing Assistance with Journal Selection

After narrowing your expectations and ruling out your articles and field, we recommend the most suitable journal recommendations. Our experts from different backgrounds have ample experience and will guide you accordingly. In any researcher's journey, this is a deciding factor.

Offering Pre-Submission Review

The experts at IITER will review the manuscript, the outlines, and the relevance of methods used for reportability relating to the field. In addition, they will review the information and the use of analysis to prove the study. The guidance on the outline and direction of the manuscript will help to set a tone that's informative, competitive, and very useful.

An Opportunity for Manuscript Editing

At IITER, we offer high-level manuscript editing for authors who wish to submit their journals to high-impact international journals. With the help of experts, you will be able to avoid mistakes and create very meaningful work.

Formatting and Adding Illustrations

Our capable team will perform formatting according to various standards, avoiding font and other mandatory parameter issues. As well as ensuring high quality, it will improve the presentation and check for errors. Additionally, we will assist you with preparing illustrations according to journal requirements.

Assistance With Journal Submission

IITER will assist you with successful journal submissions. Your research and dedicated work under our guidance will help you save time and avoid issues. We will explain the submission process, help you choose the journal, and let you submit in confidence without any errors.

We Also Offer Manuscript Revisions

The IITER team will work with you to revise English grammar issues, formatting, and manuscript content. This will be according to thoroughly researched requirements for the relevant field and journal.

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