With sincere pleasure and honour, IITER welcomes you to attend International Conference on Business Process Reengineering and Modelling Business Activity (ICBPRMBA -2024) on 17th - 18th July 2024 at Beijing , China. The high-level discussions will gather expert speakers, informative topics, and participants from around the globe. In addition, there will be the finest networking opportunities, with more than 500 participants anticipated. The detailed session will include keynote lectures, oral talks, poster presentations, symposia, workshops, and more

Panellists will include academics, students, researchers, and industry professionals, creating an ideal environment for dialogue. Active participation, socialising, reviewing research and discoveries, and exploring solutions to continuing challenges will benefit everyone.

Furthermore, it will reduce the gap between theoretical studies and their practical applications. So, be part of the Business Process Reengineering and Modelling Business Activity and gain useful information. Explore new fields in the area and create meaningful networks to boost your professional journey.


The aim of the International Conference on Business Process Reengineering and Modelling Business Activity (ICBPRMBA -2024) is to provide a platform that brings academicians, scientists, professionals, and practitioners under one roof. These opportunities will allow attendees to focus on current trends, achievements, solutions, and new fields.

Moreover, it will give a fair idea of where each nation stands in the various fields on Business Process Reengineering and Modelling Business Activity. It will help all countries to work together and progress in the area. Furthermore, the aim is to narrow the gap between theory and its practical uses.

The goal is to provide academicians with opportunities to explore various fields. It will enable them to get valuable information, help them express their ideas, and give them a chance for research review and publication. Also, it will boost the implementation of discoveries and inventions.

The event will also publish original research papers, review papers, surveys, case studies, technical and management reports, viewpoints, conference publications, a thesis, book reviews, notes, commentary, and research papers. Peer review will help young minds enhance their research. Also, healthy engagement and discussing creative ideas will be helpful for professional and personal growth.


Earlybird Fee
17th June 2024
Paper Submission
27th June 2024
Registration Deadline 7th July 2024
Conference Date 17th - 18th July 2024


Present research and ideas on a global stage

Network and collaborate with international experts and scientists in various disciplines

Gain valuable career advice and opportunities to publish research in reputed international journals

Access the latest research and discoveries in the field

Enhance professional growth and development

Opportunities for creative thinking and problem-solving through discussions and collaboration

Build connections and collaborations for future endeavors

Publish articles in reputed journals and obtain citations from scientific repositories.

All faculty members, including professors and academicians, will get a suitable platform for presenting their opinions and research at these high-level discussions.

Faculty can interact with global personalities in the field and discuss issues.

Professors and other faculties can receive expert guidance on careers and different scopes

Faculty can publish their articles in respected publications like UGC, Scopus, and Academia.

Citations of the presented articles will be available at reputed scientific repositories, such as Science Direct, Research Pedia, and Academic Libraries.

A suitable platform for industry professionals to meet academic professionals and discuss the theory and practicality of the field and discuss solutions and shortcomings.

A great platform for industry professionals to communicate their research and its benefits.

An opportunity to discuss innovative technologies and ideas and get valuable expert feedback.

Industrial professionals can explore the opportunity to publish their articles in reputed journals of international importance, like UGC, Scopus, and Academia.

The presented articles will be available for citation in reputable scientific repositories such as Science Direct, Research Pedia, and academic libraries.

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